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2009. November

The street from town is now paved with asphalt.  A Fire House is nearby.  The school is in the process of new construction on the second floor.  Currently there are nine classrooms, but there are many children still awaiting the chance to receive an education.  More classrooms are thus needed.
2009. August
The construction of the kitchen is complete! We now offer a healthy breakfast and lunch to all the students. The meal plan is created by a nutritionist every week to meet the needs of the impoverished children. Thanks to you all who have supported us, and please continue with donations by sponsoring a student. We can only continue to achieve nutrition with your support.
2009. August
Many people have been going to the clinic, which means we will open the clinic up for afternoon appointments also.  The clinic is now self-sustaining thanks to all the hard work and gracious donations.  The clinic has been a success and is continually treating the impoverished in Ecuador.
2008. January
The first grade and the kindergarden classes at the Graduation ceremony.  The second year of classes began April 21, 2008.  This will be a wonderful year for the school as we have enrolled 190 kids this year, our FULL capacity, from making a difference in only 136 kids by end of last year.
2007. April-July
On April 19th, 2007, we opened the school's doors to 96 children and placed them in their respective Kindergarten through 6th grade classes.  We are proud to announce that St. Vincent de Paul Houston has officially adopted the St. Vincent de Paul in Guayaquil as their new sister school!!
2006. September

Acquired property with recent road improvements

Thanks to donations from the Gala, the construction will be completed by April 2007.  We hope to provide impoverished children with a life full of hope and give them an opportunity to escape the desperation of poverty through education.

2005. December
Christmas toys are given to impoverished children in the outskirts of Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The parents of these children do not have the money to pay for education and health and thus do not have money to pay for Christmas gifts.  SEA - El Carmen believes is providing joy through toys that every child wishes for.
2004. December

New upgrades to the clinic and a city road constructed next to the property to be used to build the school.
Christmas toys are given to impoverished children in the outskirts of Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Every kids was very happy with the new toys, they had never seen or received new toys in their lives!

Thank you for everyone who generously donated new toys this year.  It was a great success!

2004. September

Thanks for everyone's support we have successfully created a self-sustaining medical clinic!  A free vaccination center was created to serve the health needs of the poor.  The medical clinic is located in Carlos Magno Andrade and benefits the members of this community and the students.  The clinic is staffed by a doctor, two nurses, and a dentist.  The community members can visit for a vision, health, or dental checkup and also receive necessary treatment for a nominal fee equal to the cost of local transportation.  The goal is to increase health to reduce the death rates in the poverty-stricken communities in the out-skirts of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
2004. June-September

View of the property acquired to build the school before the project
Views of the property donated by the City as an "In-Kind" public contribution for the project
Clinic under construction
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