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We help a community called Carlos Magno by creating services that they lack. The services include a self-sustaining medical clinic and a school with grades Pre-Kindergarten till 5th grade and we have a cafeteria where we serve each students' nutritional needs.  As a small non-profit, all donations we receive go directly to the people being served.

SEA - El Carmen is incorporated in the state of Texas and is registered as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt public charity with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Our Mission

Empower the poverty-stricken community in Guayaquil, Ecuador through providing quality education, community healthcare, and nutritional programs. Empower the community by providing them the tools they need to be self-sufficient.


Alleviating poverty in Ecuador through education and health, replacing it with lives full of hope, stability, and health.

Education as a Protective Factor

Protective factors are characteristics within the individual child, the child's family, or the child's community that serve to decrease the likelihood of a child developing social and emotional problems in the face of adversity. Protective factors are characteristics specifically associated with children overcoming otherwise adverse circumstances and risk factors, such as poverty and parental conflict.

Community protective factors include effective schools, which include well-trained and well-compensated teachers, after-school programs, and school recreation resources. Other community protective factors include good public health care, access to recreational centers, and connections to caring adult mentors and pro-social peers.

SEA El-Carmen provides community protective factors through the St. Vincent de Paul elementary school which is employed by competent and well-paid teachers, after-school programs, weekend programs, and a playground.  SEA also provides public health care for the community, access to the school resources, and child connections with caring adults at the school and clinic. (2008, Phares)**


As a non-profit public charity organization, SEA - El Carmen depends upon public support from the community, government funding and volunteers to achieve its mission and program goals.  SEA- El Carmen would not have the strength the carry out its mission without the generous support of our donors and collaborators.

Significant long term partnerships have been established which has allowed the school in Ecuador to grow its mission beyond expectations. Our major, long-term partners include:

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

     SVdP has been the foundation to the growth of the Guayaquil Mission.


Parishioners at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

    Without the support and collaboration of the parishioners at SVdP, the Guayaquil Mission would not have achieved such growth.

Congregation of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament
The Congregation of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament gave a generous grant to start a medical clinic in Carlos Magno. Since then the medical clinic is self-sustaining.


City of Guayaquil

    The City of Guayaquil and FAMS has entered a contract where the city will pilot their social services programs for impoverished communities at the facilities created and operated by SEA El-Carmen.


CITI Bank Guayaquil, Ecuador

    CITI Bank gave a grant to the school, computers, and remolded the playground.



    Leche Indulac provides milk for the school on a weekly basis in order to provide proper nutrition to the school's students.

  If you are interested in supporting these projects, please visit our "Contact Us" page for contact information and donation instructions.  To find out more about the past financial operations of the organization, visit our "Who Are We" page for links to view recent financial statements.  In addition, if you or your organization is interested in collaborating on a specific project or country, please contact Anna Shaver for more information at anna.c.shaver@gmail.com. 

Thank you for your interest!

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